Continuous asphalt plants manufacturer

Since 1924

Ermont is a French company specialized in designing and manufacturing supermobile, supertransferable and stationary continuous asphalt plants.

Ermont offers a wide range of products and services that can meet the requirements of both SMBs and large firms, anywhere in the world.


Asphalt plants

  • Continuous
  • Supermobile, supertransferable or stationary
  • Outputs from 40 to 630 tph
  • Recycling from 0 to 100% RAP


  • Training
  • After-sales service
  • Spare parts
  • Retrofit
    100 years of experience
    Centrale d'enrobés EXPLORER Ermont
    +1,000 asphalt plants in activity around the world
    +50 countries have Ermont asphalt plants on their territory
    1st European training center specialised in the Road Industry

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