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Supplier information: cases of attempted fraud and scamming

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FAYAT SAS is subject to attempted fraud and scamming, in France and worldwide, through identity theft concerning either the company or one of its employees.

Fraudsters send e-mails to suppliers and/or service providers, requesting the opening of customer accounts or orders using fake addresses such as "" (instead of the official "" address)

These e-mails may be signed by Group employees (with the name, address, business registration number, etc. of FAYAT SAS) and may be accompanied by legal documents. These are attempts to commit fraud.

If you are a victim of such behaviour or of any other suspicious behaviour, we advise you to report it immediately to this dedicated email address:, and to file a complaint with the relevant authorities.


ERMONT is specialized in the production of supermobile, supertransferable or transferable / stationary asphalt plants, of continous and batch types.

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ERMONT, world leader in supermobile asphalt plants

By offering a large range of supermobile, supertransferable and transferable / stationary hot-mix asphalt plants (from 40 to 630 tph), of continuous or batch types, ERMONT can meet requirements of small business as well as building and public works sectors top companies, in France or worldwide.

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Discover our latest innovations: the EXPLORER & the TSX

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FAYAT Group asphalt production installations represent the widest range of the market thanks to their mastered techniques but also to their solutions, adapted to mature markets as well as to emerging markets.


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A team of engineers, technicians and employees, with great experience in road construction industry and high availability, to advise and intervene according to your needs both in France and abroad, both for plants commissioning as well as warranty matters, etc