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Continuous - TSM

Recycling from 0 to 35%



ERMONT TSM technology, is a result of over 40 years of experience and remains the best technology with parallel flow, from a technical and environmental viewpoint, delivering a very high thermal efficiency.

ERMONT TSM technology has mainly contributed to the French highway network development. It is also often mentionned as a worldwide reference and mainly used for roads construction in emerging countries.

Recycling up to 35%

ERMONT TSM technology (dryer drum mixer) is based on a drying process with parallel flow (materials going forward into the drum in the same way as the drying gas). Designed by ERMONT in 1976, this technology has constantly evolved in order to meet with the latest and the strictest environmental rules.

The dryer drum mixer has 4 seperate zones:

Combustion chamber
 Aggregates drying & heating + lowering of gases' temperatures + anti-radiation screen
 RAP drying + binder transfer from RAP to aggregates + total binder remobilization (initial phase)
 Imported binder mixing + total binder remobilization (final phase)

TSM MARINI-ERMONT asphalt plant usine d'enrobés



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    40 years of experience

  • TSM-13-68472-ARMEE-compresse.jpg

    Simple and tried-out process

  • TSM-13-68472-ARMEE-compresse.jpg

    Low operating costs

  • TSM-13-68472-ARMEE-compresse.jpg

    High yield

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    HMA quality and homogeneity

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    Outputs from 40 to 630 t/h

  • TSM-13-68472-ARMEE-compresse.jpg

    All mobility types

  • TSM-13-68472-ARMEE-compresse.jpg

    Small to very large jobs

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